Smart Teacher


Today the foreign instructor from the United Kingdom who teaches oral English did an earthshaking thing…he said that pandas are from South Korea. The ancestors of all the Chinese people are South Koreans and stated categorically that their textbooks taught them that way. As a result all the classmates were dumbfounded. After we argued with him for half an hour, he confessed that he was teasing us only to inspire us to express our opinions in English…Teacher you really understand our anger points [know how to push our buttons]. [泪][泪][泪]

[Note: The past few years have witnessed several cultural history debates between China and South Korea, such as the debate over the nationality of Confucius.]

Five Sentences

Our school website published a voting post titled “What’s the sentence that you say to females most often at the University of Electronic Science and Technology?” The top five sentences are respectively:

1. Three liang of rice [3.5 oz].

2. [I] want this dish.

3. Hello auntie.

4. Four liang of rice [7 oz].

5. Auntie, open the door [please].

[Note: The fifth sentence is said to the female dorm manager while the other four sentences are said to the female servers at the school cafeteria.]


Lucky Ring


Canteen owner: Have you heard about this thing? If the pull-tab on a beverage can is broken but the can is still not opened yet, then it means that this pull-tab is chosen by the Heaven as a ring to wear on a finger for good luck.

I: So boss [a common way of addressing a business owner] for sure you are not gonna give me a new can, are you?

Canteen owner: Nope.