Netizen Complaint about London Olympics


I’ve discovered a problem, with the London Olympics! If we: Win! No! You must have used performance-enhancing drugs! Draw! Still no!!! We’ll put your national flag at the bottom [referring to a controversy where China’s flag was hung below South Korea’s flag despite the custom for ties/draws being to hang the flags side by side]!! Lose! Still no!!! You are competing in a passive way and not living up to the spirit of sportsmanship!!! Then just what do you want from us?!

发现个问题,对于伦敦奥运会!我们是:赢!不行!你肯定用兴奋剂了!;平!也不行!!!国旗给你放下面!!;输!还是不行!!!你消极比赛,对不起体育精神!!! 那是要怎样?!


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