Midnight Laugh

China's Feng Zhe celebrates winning a gold medal in the men's gymnastics parallel bars victory ceremony in the North Greenwich Arena during the London 2012 Olympic Games

Feng fatty has become too popular now! Everyone stop praising him, don’t you all know the story of Fan Jin Passing the Imperial Exam [a poor Ming Dynasty scholar who unsuccessfully took the imperial examinations for years before finally passing and went momentarily insane from joy before being slapped back to reality]? The night Feng Fatty became a world champion, he laughed himself awake, which scared me! Now that he’s an Olympic champion, if you keep praising him, I’m afraid he’ll go crazy. Please wait until after the men’s individual finals before continuing to praise him.

[Note: Feng Zhe helped the Chinese men’s gymnastics team win the gold on July 30, 2012 before winning the men’s parallel bars final on August 7th.]



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