Internet Slang, Jokes

闷骚 [mēn sāo]

闷骚 [mēn  sāo]  adj.

Reserved and even a little boring on the outside, but passionate, charismatic, and even sexy on the inside. People of this kind are usually too shy to show their talkative and talented side in front of strangers.

In just a few days, the senior brothers [older male students] at every university will replace their flip-flops with canvas shoes or leather shoes, shorts with jeans or casual pants, and sports tops with T-shirts or shirts; they will hold back their smile, conceal the covertly passionate look in their eyes, turn into some mature little men, lead your way, carry your baggages; they will answer your questions, ask for your phone numbers, add you on Renren [a major Chinese social networking site], and take you out to dinner…junior sisters [younger female students], senior brothers are all ready. How about you?

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