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十動然拒 [shí dòng rán jù]

十動然拒 [shí dòng rán jù]  This term is short for 十分感动,然后拒绝 [shí fēn gǎn dòng, rán hòu jù jué] “deeply moved, and then rejected…”. This term is made famous by the following news story [watch video]. The context is the Singles Day of 2012.


Yesterday, a male student called Wang Wenjin from Huazhong University of Science and Technology sent a female student he loved a 160,000-word love letter which he wrote in 212 days. This love letter contains various literary forms such as poetry and prose. The letter mainly reflects on the things they two did together and expresses his feelings through scenery description. He bound all the pages together into a book titled I Don’t Want You to Be Alone. The girl was deeply moved, and then she rejected him.

[Note: “Deeply moved, and then rejected…” has been a popular Internet slang term on Weibo. ]


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