Heart-Wrenching Nostalgia


三年前,我能做三角函数,解多元高次方程,能背文言文,虽然我英语不太好,但我也知道either or 和neither nor,知道辛亥革命的意义,会画大气环流图~再往前,我能背化学元素表,知道氧化还原反应和中和反应,看的懂电路图,知道牛顿三大定律,知道植物细胞有细胞壁而动物细胞没有.现在我就是个文盲。

Three years ago, I was able to solve trigonometric function problems, analyze multiple higher-order equations, and memorize ancient Chinese essays. Although my English was not so good, I understood (the differences of) “either or” and “neither nor”,  the implications of the Revolution of 1911, was able to draw the diagram of atmospheric circulation…and going back a little bit, I was able to memorize the periodic table of the elements, understand (the differences of) oxidation-reduction reactions and neutralization reactions, interpret circuit diagrams, articulate Newton’s three laws of motion, and tell a plant cell which has the cytoderm from an animal cell which doesn’t. Now I’m simply an illiterate.


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