Internet Slang

飄過 [piāo guò]


飄過 [piāo guò]  v.

Literally “flying by.” This term is used to indicate one’s lack of interest in something as if he or she will just fly by without stopping by.


【If you are forced to learn one part of the quintessence of the Chinese culture, what would you learn?】1. Peking Opera; 2. Chinese musical instruments; 3. Traditional Chinese medicine; 4. Chinese painting; 5. Mahjong; 7. Chinese folk dances; 8. Classical Chinese poetry;  9. Appreciating Chinese antiques; 10. Chinese cuisine and cooking; 11. Xiangsheng (the Chinese stand-up comedy); 12. Feng Shui; 13. Go (a board game for two players that originated in China more than 2,500 years ago) and Xiangqi (Chinese chess); 14. Chinese porcelain; 15.  Bian Lian (Face-changing in Sichuan opera); 16. Chinese martial arts;  17.  Zhouyi (Book of Changes); 18. Chinese paper cutting; 19. Flying by because I’d rather die than learn any of them.

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