Internet Slang, Quips

某人 [mǒu rén] & 學霸 [xué bà]


 某人 [mǒu rén] n.

Someone you know and/or you love. The Chinese young people like referring to their idol or boyfriend/girlfriend as “someone” in their blog entries or Weibo posts.

學霸 [xué bà] n.

Literally “academic tyrant”. This term refers to students excelling in academics and who are usually greatly self-disciplined.

突然发现某人和女朋友视频只是两个人一句话不说,对着电脑写作业,写累了就抬头看看对方,笑笑继续写。。。异地学霸恋没办法一起上自习的问题就这样被解决了 ~

Suddenly discovered that when someone video-chats with his girlfriend, neither of them said a word. They just kept doing their homework facing their computers. When they get tired, they would raise their heads, look at each other, smile, and then keep doing their homework….So, the problem that academic tyrants who are in a long-distance relationship can not go to the self-study classes together is actually tackled in this way~

[Note: Self-study classes are popular in Chinese schools where the students study on their own in the classroom without teachers’ supervision.]


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