Internet Slang, Quips

走你 [zǒu nǐ]


走你 [zǒu nǐ]  <Expression> Literally “go you”, this term means “let’s go” or “come on” in the northern China dialect. 走你 [zǒu nǐ] aka 航母 Style [háng mǔ style] “aircraft style” went viral in November, 2012 because of the gesture used to give the green light to the J-15 jet pilots on China’s first aircraft carrier.


2012 in one sentence: In January, Benshan abandoned the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. In February, bears’ galls were taken when they were still alive. In March, Du Fu was a guest performer everywhere. In April, capsules were found to be made by leather shoes. In May, China is on the tip of the tongue. In June, life is so wonderful according to Master Yancan. In July, torrential rains are even more to be dreaded than tigers. August’s Uncle Bird [Psy] presented the horse dance. September’s Suzhou erected a pair of  “long johns” [The Gate of the Orient]. October’s Yuanfang was as busy as a bee. November’s plane [J-15 jet] hey let’s go. December’s Xinjiang nuts cakes were too pricey for me.

[Note: The original Chinese text is a doggerel synthesis of the most viral news stories and topics on China’s Internet in 2012.

PSY is called 鸟叔 [niǎo shū] “Uncle Bird” in China because his first hit was “Bird”.]


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