Internet Slang, Pictures

毀三觀 [huǐ sān guān]


毀三觀 [huǐ sān guān] <Expression> Destroy+three+views. To have one’s world view, life philosophy, and value system seriously challenged by someone or something. This Internet slang term is often used to criticize something or someone that is immoral or doesn’t make sense.

三觀[sān guān] n. “The three views” or weltanschauung was one of the 171 newly coined phrases released by the Ministry of Education in August, 2007.


A photo of the Earth without makeup. My three views are destroyed~~

[Note: The news that the Earth is not a globe has been widely disseminated in China, but it should be noted that the above picture is not the shape of the Earth, but a map of the gravity fields inside the Earth.]


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