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凌乱 [líng luàn]


凌乱 [líng luàn] adj.

Literally “disheveled”, this term describes the state of being extremely shocked and speechless. This term is often used in the phrase 风中凌乱 [fēng zhōng líng luàn] “disheveled in the wind.”


Yesterday my husband accompanied his sister to get an injection. His sister had a fever and coughed severely. Thus my husband bought her a bottle of Rock Candy and Snow Pear [soft drink name]. It was discovered by me. I angrily asked him how he could let his sister have soft drinks while her throat did not feel where. Looking all adorkable, my husband said, “Isn’t it true that the snow pear curbs coughing and clears the lung…” I probably got a cramp in my brain [went nuts, got out of control] and went, “If the soft drink is called Rock Candy and Snow Pear, then it must have snow pears inside?? Then, does the big aunt [aunt flo] really have an aunt inside??” My husband quietly went disheveled [stupefied]…


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