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淡定=蛋腚 [dàn dìng]


淡定=蛋腚 [dàn dìng] adj./adv. [Unusually] calm/calmly. The alternative homophone expression is 蛋腚 “balls+butt.”

某人去东北出差,在饭馆要啤酒,服务员问,您要常温的还是冷藏的? 某人怒道,这大冷天的你还让我喝冷藏的?! 服务员淡定的说,常温的零下15°,冷藏的零下1°。 -_-|||

Someone went on a business trip to northern China and ordered beer at a restaurant. The server asked, “Do you want room temp beer or cold beer? That person flared up, “You want me to drink cold beer in this frigid weather?!” The server calmly said, “The room temperature is -15° (5F), the cold beer temperature is -1°(30.2F). -_-|||

[Note: -_-|||–the three parallel black lines come from Japanese manga. They indicate embarrassment.]


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