牛X [niú chā] =牛逼/牛B/NB  adj. Awesome

表弟今年浙大毕业,觉得自己很牛X,挑工作,还列了最低要求:1.大企业(最好外企);2.公司有专车(最好能配私家车);3.工作氛围好(最好同事和客户都是年轻人)。 现在,他在肯德基当外卖配送员。

My young cousin brother graduated from Zhejiang University this year. He thought he was awesome, so he was picky about jobs and listed the minimum requirements: 1. A big company (It would be best if it’s a foreign company); 2. The company will provide a vehicle specially for him (It would be best if the company can get him a private car); 3. A good working environment (It would be best if the colleagues and the customers are young people). Now, he is a KFC delivery guy.