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高端黑 [gāo duān hēi]


高端黑 [gāo duān hēi] adj./n./v.  Literally “high-end black,” this Internet slang term means to insinuate one’s contempt or disapproval in a humorous way. In Chinese, 黑 [hēi] “black” also means “to put [someone] down, to mock, or to vilify.”


It’s said this is the difference between liberal translation and literal translation…high-end dark (humor)!

[Note: Steve Jobs’ notable aphorism “Stay hungry, stay foolish” is well-known in China. A classic translation is 求知若渴 虚心若愚 (qiú zhī ruò kě, xū xīn ruò yú) “Seek knowledge as if you were thirsty, stay humble as if you you were foolish”.]


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