Internet Slang, Quips

lz = 楼主 [lóu zhǔ]


lz = 楼主 [lóu zhǔ] n.  Pinyin acronym for 楼主[lóu zhǔ] “building owner”. In Internet forum discussions, this term refers to the author of the first post on a topic on an Internet forum. Replying to a post below it is called 盖楼 [gài lóu] “to build a building”.


Building owner (referring to oneself) is a high school student. A 21-day winter break. 9 workbooks of Winter Break Homework Every booklet has around 80 pages…I can tolerate all that! But you wrote on the cover you wish me a happy vacation! That made me really upset! If this post is reposted over 1,000 times, I will tear all them [booklets] up!

[Note: By the time I translated this Weibo, it has generated 1,432 reshares, 156 likes, and and 714 comments. Not sure if all the Winter Break Homework workbooks have been torn up. ]

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