童鞋 [tóng xié] “children’s shoes” n.

Children’s shoes. Sounding similar to 同学 [tóng xué] “classmates,” this Internet slang term refers to a (fellow) young person in an affectionate way. It was created to imitate the Taiwanese accent.


Recently, many fellow students have switched to “bent” cartoon profiles. For this brave behavior to express one’s real sexual orientation. we should show encouragement and support. Instructions: Left for men and right for women (as in the Chinese fortune telling)–If you like men, tilt your head to the left; if you like women, tilt your head to the right.

[Note: This photo series went viral in December, 2012 because of the curious idea that “the Apocalypse is caused by an asteroid hitting the earth, so if everyone tilts the neck, the Earth will tilt too and the asteroid will not hit the Earth”. Here the meaning of “titling one’s head” is misinterpreted deliberately. In the Chinese vernacular, “homosexual” is translated as 弯 (wān) “bent”, as opposed to 直 (zhí) “straight”. ]