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吐槽 [tù cáo]


吐槽 [tù cáo]  v.

Derived from the word ツッコミ in the Japanese stand-up comedy, this Internet slang term refers to raising a funny question or making a hilarious comment based on a loophole in someone’s behavior or speech. As a Chinese Internet slang term, it means “to vent, question, or comment, often in a creative and funny way”. It also means “to diss or roast [someone].”

蔡明不如就别下去了 坐在轮椅上拿个话筒在旁边当整场弹幕得了

How about not letting Cai Ming leave the stage? She can just sit aside in the wheelchair and hold a microphone to serve as the “bullet curtain” for the whole night.

[Note: “Bullet curtain” was first used in the shoot ’em up video games where the entire screen is almost completely filled with enemy bullets. Later video posting websites applied this concept to refer to the technique of presenting real-time user comments in the video during the screening process. Here it means asking Cai Ming to stay on the stage and make acid comments on the gala (CCTV New Year’s Gala 2013) as she did in her sketch.]

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