神回復 [shén huí fù] n.

Legendary reply. This Internet slang term refers to an extremely creative and funny comment on social networking sites.

一女在博客上哭诉,说才知道,老公给女儿取得名字是他初恋的名字。 并说一直知道自己老公曾经很爱初恋。和自己认识后老公一直很好,本以为自己是最幸福 的人,现在才知道,原来老公一直没忘记初 恋。一网友神回复:其实你老公是想告诉 初恋:我草你妈。

A woman was tearfully complaining on her blog that she just learned that her husband named their daughter after his first love. She added that she always knew that her husband was deeply in love with his first girlfriend. Since her husband met her, he had been very nice to her since they met each other, so she used to believe that she was the happiest person in the world. Then she finally learned that her husband had never forgotten his first girlfriend. A netizen’s legendary reply: Actually your husband wanted to tell his first girlfriend: I fucked your mother.