Internet Slang, Jokes

杯具 [bēi jù]


杯具 [bēi jù] n. Literally “cups”, this Internet slang term refers to its homophone 悲剧 “tragedy.”


There were 30 students in the 2012 Mining Class [Note: 2012 is the year of enrollment, while Mining is the major] at Wuhan University of Science and Technology. Among them were 29 male students, and the only female student was indisputably the class flower [Note: “Class Flower” usually refers to the most beautiful female student in the class.]. However, after the new semester started, the class flower submitted the transfer application. The 29 male classmates became anxious and got together to write love letters to beg the class flower to stay, “You are just like our princess who will definitely be cherished (by us)!” The class flower was deeply moved but refused anyway and transferred to another department based on the consideration about the future. Alas, this is another tragedy of “Deeply Moved, Then Rejected,” leaving countless netizens dejected…

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