Homophones, Internet Slang

炮友 [páo yǒu]


炮友 [páo yǒu] n. Cannon+friend. Friends with benefits. This Internet slang term is related to 約炮 [yuē pào].

“老师,我11岁,想问一个问题。” “你好,想问神马?” “基友和炮友有什么不同啊?” 我顿时觉得一种来自祖国未来的压力…… 然后我想了想很认真地回答他:“基友就是一起吃肯德基的朋友,炮友就是一起吃泡面的朋友。前者注重交流,后者注重效率。”

“Teacher, I’m 11 years old. I want to ask a question.” “Hello. What do you want to ask?” “What’s the difference between Jiyou [Literally “gay friends”] and Paoyou [friends with benefits]?” I immediately felt a kind of pressure from the future of our country…I thought about it carefully and then answered him, “Jiyou is a friend who has meals with you at KFC (kěn dé jī), while Paoyou is a friend who eats instant noodles [pào miàn] with you. The former emphasizes communication, while the latter focuses on efficiency.”

[Note: Chinese students address any teacher by “Teacher” instead of “Mr.”, “Ms.”, “Dr.”, or “Professor”.]


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