Internet Slang, Quips

熊孩子 [xióng hái zi]


熊孩子 [xióng hái zi] n. “A little brat”, “an annoying kid”, or “an ankle-biter” in dialects in northeastern China, Shandong, and Henan. Sometimes this Internet slang term is used with affection to refer to a mischievous kid.

【活着,太不容易了!】感谢幼儿园没有喝到毒牛奶,感谢小时候没被熊孩子烧死,感谢小学同学没有肢解之恩,感谢初中高中同学不杀之恩,感谢大学室友不杀之 恩,感谢亲人朋友不杀之恩,感谢同事不杀之恩。也庆幸自己没有死于任何意外,我们躲过了非典,禽流感,洪水,雪灾…能活这么大,太不容易了![泪]

【Alive, Not Easy! 】 Thanks to my kindergarten where I didn’t drink poisonous milk, thanks to my childhood during which I wasn’t burned to death by little brats, thanks to elementary school classmates for not dismembering me, thanks to my middle school and high school classmates for not killing me, thanks to university roommates for not killing me, thanks to relatives and friends for not killing me, and thanks to colleagues for not killing me. I also feel lucky that I don’t die from any accidents. We survived SARS, the Avian flu, floods, winter storms…we’ve been alive for so many years—it’s by no means easy!  [泪]

[Note: All the horrendous tragedies you read above happened in China, well, probably in your country, too.

Oh, the kid wasn’t burned to death.]


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