Internet Slang, Jokes

装逼 [zhuāng bī]


装逼 [zhuāng bī] v. To pretend to be a big shot, pretend to be superior to others. To To swank.

跟一个印度人聊天,他冷不丁地问我where is your balance?想了半天啥意思,平衡?存款?还是装逼网上文类似find you balance?想了半天答曰:sorry I don’t know.他很惊诧得望着我。我不解。后来咨询高人,原来他在问我我父母在哪儿。。泥煤。。。

Chatting with an Indian. He suddenly asked me, “Where is [are] your balance?” I thought for a long time what he meant. Equilibrium? Balance in the bank account? or something similar to those pretentious “Find Your Balance” online articles? I thought for a long time and then answered, “Sorry, I don’t know.” He looked at me, surprised. I didn’t know why [he was surprised]. Later I consulted with a very talented person. It turned out he was asking where my parents were…soil coat [sounds similar to the cursing slang term “Your Sister“]…


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