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蘿莉 [luó lì] & 我勒個去[wǒ lè gè qù]

chinese-version-of-the-anime-series-gag-manga biyori
The Chinese version of the Japanese anime series “Gag Manga Biyori”. The subtitles read, “I fuck! This is not my teacher~this is not my teacher”

蘿莉 [luó lì] n. Borrowed from the Japanese word “ロリ” and short for “Lolita” in English, this slang term refers to cute little girls.

我勒個去 [wǒ lè gè qù] <Expression> Literally “I fuck”, this term was first used in the Chinese dubbing of the Japanese anime series Gag Manga Biyori (ギャグマンガ日和). The anime series was dubbed by “cucn-201”, an Internet dubbing group consisting of four male students from the dorm room #201 of The Communication University of Chinese, Nanjing (CUCN). Their dubbing localized the anime series. Many phrases they used for dubbing the series turned out to be popular slang terms on China’s Internet.

This term also became popular because it was widely used in the World of Warcraft section of the Baidu Tieba, a popular Chinese Internet forum. This term is not necessarily a cursing phrase. It’s often used to show one is surprised.

家有小萝莉一年级……今年儿童节被选定主持学校六一晚会,搭档主持是一男生……于是每晚都背台词,lz配合模拟男生,每当lz忘词了她都会提醒,爸爸该你 了……反复练习……晚会开始的时候,小男孩忘词了停顿了……女儿果断一句笑翻全场:爸爸该你了……小男孩更是语出惊人:麻麻等等我再想想…想…想……我嘞 个去,都是一样的练法……据说这次晚会是学校史上最精彩的晚会之一,原因是主持人超萌……

In my house there’s a cute little girl, first grader…this year’s Children’s Day she was selected to host the school’s June First (Children’s Day) Gala, and her partner was a male student…so every evening we were memorizing the lines, lz cooperated with her and played the role of that male student. Every time lz forgot the line she would remind me, “Daddy it’s your turn”…we practiced again and again…when the gala began, the little boy forgot the line and paused…my daughter immediately brought down the audience with one line: Daddy it’s your turn…and the little boy was even more impressive:  Mommy wait, let me think…I fuck, the same practicing method…it was said that this gala was one of the best galas in the school’s history. The reason was that the hosts were super cute


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