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弱弱的問一句 [ruò ruò de wèn yí jù]


弱弱的問一句 [ruò ruò de wèn yí jù] Expression. Literally “weakly ask a question”, this term is used when one is going to ask a question timidly, either because he or she thinks the question might be too basic or because the question is embarrassing.


Today I was at a bedding store looking to buy a four-piece bedding set when a guy around 20 years old looking like a student came in. He lowered his voice, and timidly asked the store owner, “Do you sell condoms here? I clearly saw the store owner’s face muscles were contracting! I wanted to say: How do you interpret the phrase “bedding products”…

[Note: 床上用品 (bedding product) literally reads like “products on the bed”.]


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