Internet Slang, Quips

艹 [ǎo], 草 [cǎo], and 日 [rì]

A photoshoped pic of writers Han han and Guo Jingming as a gay couple.
A photoshoped pic of writers Han han and Guo Jingming

艹 [ǎo]=草 [cǎo]=操 [cào] v. As an Internet slang term, it is often pronounced as [cào]. Fuck.

日 [rì] v. To fuck.

The following quips are related to popular Chinese Young-adult Fiction writer Guo Jingming and @Tinglinzhen Studio, the Weibo account of Party, a literary magazine created and edited by writer Han Han. Understanding the following quips requires an advanced understanding of the Chinese characters, popular Internet slang terms, as well as the rumored rivalry between Guo Jingming and Han Han as the result of constant comparisons of the two writers by Internet users.



Tinglinzhen Studio: Today [I] saw a sentence: When it comes to 萌 [cute/cuteness], who can fare better than Han Han…understood within a second.

Guo Jingming: 萌 is a loanword from Japan. Seems like young people all love 日韩 “Japanese and Korean” cultures. So do I. These years Japanese and Korean styles are very popular. 爱你爱你

[Note: The internet slang term 萌 “cute/cuteness” used by Tinglinzhen Studio is comprised of 艹 and 明 . 艹 means to fuck, while 明 is the second character in 郭敬明 Guo Jingming’s given name. So, besides “cute/cuteness”, 萌 can also be interpreted as “fuck Guo Jingming”.

Guo Jingming correctly pointed out that the internet slang term 萌 is borrowed from the Japanese language, as a result of the popularization of Japanese and Korean pop cultures in China over the past two decades. However, as an internet slang term, 日 means “to fuck”. and 韩 “Han Han’s surname”. So, besides “Japanese and Korean”, 日韩 can also be interpreted as “fuck Han Han”.]

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