我和小夥伴都驚呆了 [wǒ hé xiǎo huǒ bàn men dōu jīng dāi le] Expression.

My little buddies and I were all dumbfounded. 小夥伴 [xiǎo huǒ bàn] “little buddies” is often used to describe a kid’s friends his or her age. This sentence went viral after being used by an elementary school student in an essay to describe his/her and his/her little buddies’ reactions to a “rumored” origin of Duanwu aka Dragon Boat Festival featuring the Communist Party of China (1921- ), Kuomingtang aka the Chinese Nationalist Party (1912- ), and Qu Yuan (343-278 BCE). The excerpt of the essay was posted by the student’s Chinese teacher on Sina Weibo in 2011 and the sentence went viral in 2013.


Shantou‘s Biggest Hot Shot Lunch Box Delivery Brother 】A Godlike existence! My little buddies and I were all dumbfounded!