Internet Slang, Quips

雷 [léi] & 雷人 [léi rén]

shit雷 [léi] v. To be shocked, as if shocked by thunder.

雷人 [léi rén] adj. Shocking, striking, unbelievable.

楼主:【今天被三岁的小女小雷一下,早上她要便便,把她弄到小马桶上,她突然很认真地问我“大便和小便是好朋友么?”】。。。。。。。。。。 一楼回复:“不是的,他们不是一条道上的。 ”二楼回复:“是的,但是小便更讲义气,大便不会每次都陪着小便,但是大便出场,小便总是力挺!!!”

Building Owner: 【Today I was a little shocked by my little girl. In the morning she wanted to poo, so I made her sit on the little toilet. She suddenly asked me very seriously, “Are the poo and the pee good friends?”】…The first floor [the first reply to the person—building owner—who posted the first thread and started the conversation on a topic]: No, they are not on the same path.” The second floor replied, “Yes, but the pee is more faithful [to the friends]. The poo would not accompany the pee every single time, but when the poo shows up, the pee always backs it up!!!”

[Note: In Chinese, “they are not on the same path” means “they are not friends, not in the same group, not sharing the same values”.]


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