Internet Slang, Jokes

潮 [cháo], 騷年 [sāo nián], 搞基 [gǎo jī] & 天雷滾滾 [tiān léi gǔn gǔn]


潮 [cháo] adj. Trendy, fashionable, hip, cool.

騷年 [sāo nián] n. [Lustful, flirtatious] teenage boy. A phonetic deviation of 少年 [shào nián] teenage boy. This Internet slang term simply means “teenagers brimming with hormones.”

搞基 [gǎo jī] v. Play+gay. This Internet slang term means “to have a homosexual relationship. However, it often humorously refers to being close to friends of the same sex.

天雷滾滾 [tiān léi gǔn gǔn] n. Thunders rolling in the sky. Shocked. This term is similar to 雷 [léi] thundered.

我们公司的保安五十多岁了,据说思想很前卫,我一直没领略过。 于是乎昨天就问他: 大爷 听说你很潮哦。 这大爷回了我一句话: 骚年 搞基吗? 天雷滚滚啊, 一身鸡皮疙瘩。

Our company’s security guard is over 50 years old. It’s said he has an avant-garde mind, but I had never experienced it. So yesterday I asked him, “Grandpa, I heard you are a hip dude. This grandpa replied, “Teenage boy, wanna play gay?” Thunders rolling in the sky. Goose bumps all over my body.


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