Internet Slang, Jokes

小夥伴 [xiǎo huǒ bàn]


小夥伴 [xiǎo huǒ bàn] n. Little buddies. This term is traditionally used to describe a kid’s playmates, but recently it became a trending Internet slang term referring to the readers, the fans, or the post author’s friends. This term is quoted from “My little buddies and I are stupefied“.

Post a childhood [story]! One time the school let [us] buy studying materials. Everybody pays 7 RMB (about 1 dollar). I, in order to make myself have some pocket money, simply asked for 10 RMB. As a result, my mom did not believe me (you sure I’m her birth child?), so she went to ask my classmate living opposite us. At that moment I was so scared that I almost told the truth. I didn’t expect it but as soon as my mom came back, she said, “I knew you didn’t pay attention in the class. The teacher clearly said it was 12 RMB!” I…little buddies are going to be shocked!!!

一次学校让买学习资料,大家都是7块钱,我为了让自己能有点零用钱花一张嘴就要了10块,结果老妈不信我(确定是亲生的),就跑去问家对面 的同班同学,当时那心里忐忑的差点就说实话了。没想到老妈一回来就说“一看上课就没听老师讲课,人家明明是12块!”我…………小伙伴要惊呆了!!!


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