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鬧哪樣 [nào nǎ yàng] and 中國好XX [ zhōng guó hǎo XX]

Concubine Yang Guifei
Concubine Yang Guifei

鬧哪樣 [nào nǎ yàng] <Expression> [What are you] trying to do?

中國好XX [zhōng guó hǎo XX] <Expression> Chinese+good XX. The good…of China. This expression became popular because of the reality singing competition 中国好声音 The Good Voices of China aka the Chinese version of The Voice which began airing in 2012.

昨天去吃烧鸭饭,隔壁桌坐着一对父女,女生目测在读高中~割掉~烧鸭饭刚上来,大叔就一直把他的烧鸭往女儿盘里夹,嘴里还说:吃多点吃多点!楼主感动了: 真是中国好父亲!但是,gc来了,大叔接着说:吃多点,吃的个大胖子,没人追就能好好学习了!~大叔~你这是要闹哪样啊,说好的好父亲呢~

Yesterday, I went to eat Roast Duck Over Rice. At the table next to me sat a father and a daughter. The daughter looked like she was a high school student~Cut [Indicating the end of background information on Chinese humor website 糗事百科 Encyclopedia of Embarrassment]~Since the Roast Duck Over Rice arrived, the uncle [a friendly way of addressing an older man] had kept refilling his daughter’s plate with the roast duck and saying, “Eat more, eat more!” Louzhu [I] was touched: What a great Chinese father! However, gc [the climax of the story] came. The uncle continued: Eat more, when you become a fat girl, nobody will pursue you and you’ll [settle down] and study hard!~Uncle~what are you doing? Where’s the good father that we reached an agreement upon?

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