土豪金 [tǔ háo jīn]


土豪金 [tǔ háo jīn] n. Literally “the local tyrant gold”, this is a popular Internet meme used to described the gold-colored iPhone 5S. “Local tyrant” indicates the bias that rich people like iPhone 5S users are often rude braggarts and show-offs who get rich by taking advantage of legal loopholes.


A friend of mine works at an airline company. She told me that today someone made a complaint about a flight attendant. The reason was…[she] asked a passenger to turn off the phone. That passenger, holding the local tyrant gold, said: This is 5S! And the flight attendant took out an iPhone 3 and said: This is your uncle.

[Note: “Your uncle” is also a curse word like “your sister“.]


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