Internet Slang, Quips

不明觉厉 [bù míng jué lì]


不明觉厉 [bù míng jué lì] Expression. This slang term is short for “[I] don’t understand it but feel it’s awesome.”

#武大三行情书# 螃蟹在剥我的壳,笔记本在写我。漫天的我落在枫叶上雪花上。而你在想我。

#Wuhan University Three-Line Love Letter# The crab is peeling me. The notebook is writing about me. From all over the sky, I fall on the maple leaves and the snowflakes. But you are missing me.

[Note: This is the winner of a three-line love letter contest at Wuhan University. The meaning is probably: You will probably miss me when the world is turned upside down and I morph into what I am not.]


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