Internet Slang, Quips

學渣 [xué zhā]


學渣 [xué zhā] n. Academic dreg. This Internet slang term refers to low-performing students, as opposed to “academic tyrants.” It is often used for self-mockery.

‘学渣们好!’ ‘学霸好!’ ‘学渣们辛苦了!’ ‘为学霸垫底!’

“Hello, academic dregs!” “Hello, academic tyrants!” “Academic dregs, you’ve worked hard [a way of saying “thank you for your hard work.”]!” “We take the bottom positions [in student rankings] for academic tyrants!”

[Note: This joke reflects the hierarchical relationship between high-performing (“academic tyrants”) and low-performing (“academic dregs”) students in China. The dialogue follows the pattern of a National Day protocol between the Chairman of the Party’s Military Commission and the soldiers who participate in the military parade. The original dialogue is: “Hello, comrades!” “Hello, leader!” “Comrades, you’ve worked hard!” “We serve the people!”]


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