Pictures, Quips

有木有 [yǒu mù yǒu]


有木有 [yǒu mù yǒu] = 有没有 [yǒu méi yǒu] Expression.

Correct? Does that ring the bell? Does that hold true for you? Do you relate to what I said?

记得小时候经常指着课本上丑的图片对同桌说,看,这是你。然后同桌就翻遍整本书寻找比这个更丑的图片,然后也说,看,这是你! 有木有。[偷笑]

I remember when we were young we often pointed at an ugly pic in the textbook and said to the deskmate, “Look! This is you.” Then my deskmate would flip through the whole book until he or she found an uglier picture and say, “Look, this is you!” Correct?


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