Internet Slang, Jokes

冷笑话 [lěng xiào huà]

冷笑话 [lěng xiào huà] n. Cold joke. Similar to brain teasers, cold jokes are funny because they urge the listeners to think outside the box. Homophones, Chinese words with multiple meanings, and linguistic deviations like personification are often included in cold jokes.

A toothpick is walking on the street when a hedgehog passed by. The toothpick waved his hand and yelled, “…Bus…” The hedgehog replied coldly, “I’m overloaded…”

从前有根牙签走在路上,这时一只刺猬路过,牙签于是招手说:“。。。公交车。。。” 刺猬冷冷地说:“我已超载。。。”


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