Internet Slang, Jokes

躺槍 [tǎng qiāng]

躺槍 [tǎng qiāng] v. “Lying down [but still got] shot.” Short for 躺著也中槍 [tǎng zhe yě zhòng qiāng] “getting shot while lying [on the floor]”, this Internet slang term is used to describe people being criticized or mentioned in an unwanted way even when they deliberately try to avoid it. People mentioned or blamed for what they are not responsible for often use this Internet slang term for self-mockery.

【Reporter Got Shot When Lying on The Floor [哼]】Last night during Dongguan police’s raid to arrest the johns, one of them suddenly shouted at CCTV‘s camera like Ma Jingtao [a Taiwanese actor who was teased for his exaggerated screaming in TV series The Legend of Xi Shi]: “Shit, you guys covered the World Cup exclusively! [Covered] the [Summer] Olympics exclusively! [Covered] the Winter Olympics exclusively! And you want this nima undercover investigation on Dongguan exclusive to you too! I am a reporter from XXXX for an undercover investigation! Do you allow local TV stations to survive or not?!” “Yes! There is no end to your [monopoly on news reporting]!” A group of johns stood up and said, “We are all undercover reporters from local TV stations!”

[Note: CCTV does not have exclusive rights to cover the World Cup, the Summer Olympics, or the Winter Olympics. In this fabricated joke, the johns claimed to be reporters from local TV stations doing undercover investigations on prostitution in Dongguan, the “sex capital” of China. This joke reflects a sentiment among some Chinese netizens who are dissatisfied with CCTV’s predominant position in the country’s media.]

【记者躺枪[哼]】 昨晚东莞警方突击行动抓获嫖客中,一位突然对CCTV镜头马景涛式咆哮:“妈的,世界杯你们独家!奥运会独家!冬奥会独家!这尼玛东莞暗访你们也要独家! 我是xxxx记者来暗访的!你们还让不让地方电视台活命啊?!”"是呀,没完了你们!"一群嫖客站起来说,"我们都是地方台暗访的。


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