Internet Slang, Jokes

這貨 [zhè huò] & 奇葩 [qí pā]

這貨 [zhè huò] n. This dude, often used in causal conversation among Chinese young people.

奇葩 [qí pā] n./adj. Weirdo. Goofy, wacky, zany.

Just now I took a cab. The driver asked me if I wanted to listen to the music. I said sure, but I didn’t expect this SB to sing for me for the whole time…when this dude was carried away he called out to himself: “Where is the applause?” And then he honked a few times [for himself]. Well that was not the climax, as this weirdo screamed again, “Where are your hands? Let me see your hands!” While I was confused, I saw him activate the window wipers…[黑线]



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