Internet Slang, Quips

亮点 [liàng diǎn]

fashion-advice-from-the-uk1亮点 [liàng diǎn] n. Highlights, usually cranky or funny.

@英国那些事儿: Haha…a fashion blogger’s advice for men on how to dress… Do dress this way! Don’t dress this way! Please don’t dress this way!!! The “Please Don’t” series are all highlights…

@粗线条的Leo最近炒鸡苦逼: Can the three “Do/Don’t/Please Don’t” be expressed in Chinese as “Between the male god and the male freak is the male homosexual”? After translating this #I feel totally not fine# Chinese teacher, I’ve failed you!!!#

@英国那些事儿:哈哈。。。一个时尚博主给出的男人穿衣建议。。。 要这么穿! 别这么穿! 千万尼玛别这么穿!!! 千万尼玛系列全是亮点。。。。。。。。。



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