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分分鐘 [fēn fēn zhōng]

female student dorm 08

female student dorm 09

female student dorm 01 female student dorm 02

female student dorm 03

female student dorm 04

female student dorm 05

female student dorm 06

分分鐘 [fēn fēn zhōng] adv. Literally “every minute”, this Internet slang term means “instantly.”

#Little Clear & Fresh Dorm#【 Sisters finally came back!】Do you think only guys have little clear & fresh dorm rooms? [偷笑] The dorm room of the Foreign Language Department’s sisters’  [girls] @Sichuan University Jincheng School is so bright and dazzling that it can blind your eyes instantly. In one second it has made you feel that you are in the Mediterranean Sea, hasn’t it? Isn’t this too dreamlike…almost like a Mediterranean bed and breakfast! Looking at their dorm, [we] suddenly feel that we lived in the Zhazi Cave [China’s Alcatraz used by Kuomingtang…only that it is extremely shabby]!

#小清新宿舍#【妹纸们终于翻盘啦!】你以为小清新的宿舍一定是男孩子的吗?[偷笑]@四川大学锦城学院 外语系妹纸的寝室分分钟亮瞎你的眼。一秒让你身处地中海有木有,这也太梦幻了吧…简直堪比地中海民宿!看看人家的宿舍,瞬间觉得当年我们住的是渣滓洞啊![泪]


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