packed bus

灰常 [huī cháng]= 非常 [fēi cháng] adj. very, extremely.

Riding a bus in the morning. There were many people. The driver big brother [Note: “Big brother” is a way of addressing an older male with respect.] began roaring, “Move to the back [of the bus]! You all move to the back [of the bus]! Nobody is there!” At that moment an MM timidly asked, “Big…big brother, don’t scare me. You really…can’t see ‘them’?”

早上坐公交,人灰常多,司机大哥开始咆哮:“往后走!都往后走啊!那后面都没有人!” 这时旁边一MM弱弱的问道:“大……大哥,你别吓唬我。你真的……看不见‘他们’吗?”