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Confession Message

A few days ago I drank too much. After going back to the dorm I seized the opportunity [of being drunk] and confessed my love for a girl whom I had fancied for a long time. The text message was not replied so I went to sleep. The next morning my mom suddenly called me, asking if I had drunk alcohol the night before. I said: How did you know? She said I sent the text message to the wrong person and asked me to resend it as soon as possible. I said I had been sober and lost the courage. Then I heard my mom pushing me: Then why don’t you drink a little now? Drink some again. Sure enough [she is] my biological mother!

前两天喝酒喝多了,回到宿舍顺势就给一个中意很久的女孩子表白了,短信发过去半天没回我就睡着了。第二天一早我妈突然给我打电话,问我是不是昨天晚上喝 酒了,我说你怎么知道的,她说我把短信发错了,叫我赶紧再给人家再发一遍。我说酒醒了,没胆了,然后就听我妈一个劲的叫我那你现在再喝点,再喝点,真是亲 妈啊。


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