-_-||=黑线 [hēi xiàn]

-_-||=黑线 [hēi xiàn] n. Black lines. The emoticon is used to indicate embarrassment.

One time I forgot to pick up my package at a scheduled time [Note: Chinese shipping companies tend to call college student customers to schedule a pickup appointment in a designated area of college or university campuses.]. After the delivery little elder brother [Note: 小 [xiǎo] “little”; 哥 [gē] “elder brother”. This is a casual and friendly way of addressing a young male] called me, I rushed to the place where we agreed to meet only to find the little elder brother idly sitting there and playing “Green Flower Porcelain” [a famous love song by Zhou Jielun aka Jay Chou].

I: I am here to pick up my package.

Little Elder Brother: Shh…

I: …

So I stood there watching the little elder brother listening to the song, confused. When it comes to the chorus, the little elder brother finally said to me: Did you hear that? The glaze sky is waiting for the misty rain, and I am waiting for you.

I: -_-||



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