Internet Slang, Jokes

各種 [gè zhǒng]

各種 [gè zhǒng] adj. All kinds of. This Internet slang term is usually followed by an adjective.

I was watching a TV variety show. The host asked a cute little boy who just sang “Song of Good Fellows” [by Liu Huan, see below]: “Who is your favorite character in Water Margin?” Answer: Wu Song! The host asked, “Why? Is it because Wu Song is the most intrepid one?” Before he could finish, the cute little boy answered in a HLL way, “Because he has a beautiful sister-in-law!” All kinds of dumbfounded.

看一综艺节目,主持人问一表演了《好汉歌》的小正太:“最喜欢水浒里的谁呀?” 答:“武松!”主持又问为什么呀?是不是武松最勇敢啊?话未落音,小正太HLL的说:“因为他有个漂亮的嫂子!”各种凌乱。


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