Internet Slang, Quips

Chinese in the Eyes of a Foreigner #1

I chose to take the Chinese class two years ago!!!!!!!!

Thereafter I hit the damn road of no return!!!!!!!!!!

The Chinese people are really unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

What’s the most used verb by the Chinese people? It’s HIT! RIGHT!!!!!!!! (The foreigners also learn foreign languages by comparing the foreign words with the corresponding words in their native languages, so they can’t understand the word of “打”.)

“Make a call” is not called “make a call”, but “hit a call”!!!!!!!!!! (“Hit a call”, “hit words”, and the hardest-to-understand “hit the water”.)

“Type words” is called “hit words”!! RIGHT!!!!!!

Even the damn “get some water” is also “hit some water”! RIGHT!!!

Hit a nap, hit sneeze, hit a report, hit swing…RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

-Hello, where are you hitting from? Oh…not far, hit a taxi and the driver hit the meter! (Hello, where are you from? Oh…not far away. I took a cab and the driver ran the meter!)



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