Chinese in the Eyes of a Foreigner #3

(Foreigners find it hard to distinguish among 知道 [zhī dào], 指导 [zhǐ dǎo], 直到 [zhí dào] and 直道 [zhí dào], hahaha.)

And many Chinese characters have more than one pronunciation!!!!!

“And” has six pronunciations! RIGHT!!!!!

(The word “and” has six pronunciations.)

The Chinese language is poor. One character can be split into 10 characters!!!!!!!!!!

One word with multiple meanings, right!!!!!

One pronunciation with multiple meanings, right!!!!!!

One character with multiple pronunications, right!!!!!!!

One pronunication for multiple characters, right!!!!!!!!!

It’s just like a piece of paper that can be used to write on, to wipe your butt, and to fold a little plane. So multifunctional right!!!!

Can the Chinese language be more frugal??????

The pronouns can be saved whenever it’s allowed to!!!!!

The subject and the object are exactly the same, RIGHT!!!!!!

The third person pronouns for males, females, and animals are exactly the same!!!!!

What a conservation-oriented society this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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