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Chinese in the Eyes of a Foreigner #4

There is no tense. You have to guess all the time!!!!

“I want a promotion” and “I will promote” sound exactly the same!!!! (“我要 [wǒ yào]” has two meanings.

Are you going to say “Good luck!” or “Congratulations!”?

Take a guess! GOOD LUCK!!!

But if you say that Chinese has no rules, you have completely wronged this magic language!

All nouns go with fixed quantifiers!!!!!!!!!!!

“One horse” is not “one horse”!!!!!!!!!!

It’s”one PI horse”!!!!!!!!!!

“One pig” is not “one pig”!!!!!!!!!

It’s “one head pig”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Chinese people have an unbelievably clear idea of quantity. RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

Quantifiers alone amount to hundreds!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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