Spicy Crayfish


When I was a student I had an expat teacher from the US who was obsessed with spicy crayfish. On summer evenings you can always see him sit on the snack street outside the school gate with two pots of crayfish in front of him. He goes there every day—rain or shine.

There was a time when the media extensively covered deaths caused by heavy metal contamination in spicy crayfrish. We told him to hold back from binging on the crayfish and showed him many news stories about that.

So, for about one week we didn’t see him on the snack street. Later one day in the class he made some very serious statements about life, worldviews, and values. The final conclusion is: People are doomed to die. He would rather die from eating too much crayfish than die fruitlessly of old age.

Then he continued to show up around the spicy crayfish stand.

Food junkies know no bounds.



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