Color Igloo

igloo-07 igloo-06 igloo-05 igloo-04 igloo-03 igloo-02 igloo-01

A New Zealander and his girlfriend made a color igloo in their backyard. Here are the instructions for interested northerners: 1. Collect large milk cartons. Fill them with water and paint. Leave them outside for a while till they freeze. Remove the paperboard and you get color bricks. 2. Build igloos based on your preferences. They even glow at night!

新西兰小伙儿和女朋友一起在自家后院制作了一个彩色冰碉堡<img render= 大致做法献给北方同学,感兴趣的实践一下:1.收集大牛奶盒,注入水和颜料,放在丢到外边儿冻一会儿,撕掉盒子,就制成彩色砖了。2.根据你的喜好搭建碉堡。<img render= 晚上还会发光哦!<img render=


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