Internet Slang, Quips

反雞湯 [fǎn jī tāng]

counter-chicken-soup雞湯 [jī tāng] n.

Chicken soup. Originating from the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series which consist of inspirational stories about ordinary people’s lives, this Internet slang term refers to inspirational stories, quotes, and maxims. Sometimes the term is used sarcastically.

反雞湯 [fǎn jī tāng] n.

Counter chicken soup, as the opposite of “chicken soup” i.e. motivational stories, quotes, etc. Counter chicken soup makes the most of black humor and is commonly used for self-disparaging thinking or destroying others’ potential and self-esteem.

#Counter-Chicken-Soup Quotes#
1. You are not having nothing at all, you still have sickness [you are nuts]!
2. When you feel that you are ugly and poor and having nothing at all, don’t be depressed. Because at least your judgment is sound.
3. If you like someone, just confess your love. Perhaps at least you’ll learn your ranking as a spare wheel.

[Note: “A spare wheel” is a fallback option for future dating or relationships if one breaks up with the current boyfriend or girlfriend].
4. God is fair. If He gives you an ugly face, He will definitely give you a poor family to be born into as well.
5. When God closes a door in front of you, He will also make sure that your head is caught in the door.
6. The ugly duckling grows up to be a white swan not because how hard he tries but because his parents are white swans in the first place.
7. You work so hard every single day and bear so much pain and loneliness, but I don’t see how great you’ve turned out to be.
8. Have you had a nice day? Does it mean that you’re farther away from your dream?
9. When you are sad, touch your chest and tell yourself that you are a man—be strong.

[Note: #9 is usually said to a flat-chested girl.]


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