Cute Comics

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【A pregnant woman who is unable to hear or speak gives birth via C-section. The anaesthetist communicates with her through comics.】Having a pregnant woman patient who is unable to hear or speak, what are you going to do if you don’t understand sign language and have difficulty communicating with her? A handsome anaesthetist from Hunan Hospital for Disabled Soldiers chose to interact with her via comics. Both the pictures and texts are excellent. Super adorable! “Don’t be nervous”, “Give me a hint if you are uncomfortable”…Eventually the surgery was completed successfully. Both the mother and the baby were safe. The anaesthetist said that [drawing comics] was normal—”I just want her to be safe.”

【聋哑产妇剖腹产 麻醉师用漫画和她交流】碰上聋哑孕妇生小孩,不会手语不好沟通怎么办?湖南省荣军医院的一名帅气麻醉师选择用漫画和她沟通,画面文图并茂,超级有爱!“别紧张”,“有不舒服就提示我”…最终手术顺利完成,母子平安。麻醉师说这很平常,“我就想她安全。


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